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Release 0.0.167 (12-24-2019)

Pushing a new Release to Steam, this one is semi experimental.

Attack Changes

Change the way Attacks work, Now instead of 1 button combos each attack is a stage in the combo that can be chained together to create a full combo. Currently there's no system in place to punish button mashing..

New Weapon

Added Rifle WIP - This is far from polished off its mostly just in there, i need to go over the code on how the gun works and polish it off more.

New animations

Idle and Movement depending on the weapon you have equipped.

  • Sword Idle & Running
  • Saber Idle & Running
  • Handgun Idle & Running
  • Rifle *NEW* Idle & Running
  • Staff Idle & Running.

Also Switched Foomas to Single attack and slowed down attack speed.