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Release 0.0.166 (12-19-2019)

Releasing a new update to Steam today, i have included the following fixes in this build.

UI Bugs

FIXED - Movement independent of UI

FIXED - Highlight not obvious on item selection lists

FIXED - Highlighting not moved to new section on equip

FIXED - Pressing Back from equip exits equip section entirely

FIXED - Equip mini item list not refreshing, sometimes wont equip item.

FIXED - Stackable items not stacking.

FIXED - Equip/drop/cancel is not vertically centered in the popup screen. Cancel is hanging off the bottom edge.

FIXED - Quit Menu quits to desktop instead of main menu.

CHANGED - Added select sounds to Title screen and other menus. Now uses Dpad to navigate instead of analog.

Shop Bugs

FIXED - Selling items allows any quantity even if you dont have that amount.

Gameplay Bugs

FIXED - Drops sometimes spawn on their sides.

FIXED - Can shoot through doors.

HALF FIXED - Can get stun locked by packs of mobs (Foomas only use single strike instead of double strike, reduced animation speed, increased defense slightly. reduced defense of Wolves)

CHANGED - Starting Sabers and Swords now Green.