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Release 0.0.165 (12-13-2019)

New update has some WIP UI changes, primarily focused on the main in game menu, made it more controller friendly.

UI Fixes:

  • Scroll Views: (Items, Abilities, Block Selection, Shops) now all center on the selected item (no scrolling needed).
  • Customize Menu: Made icons smaller, can now use controller to assign abilities
  • UI Rework: You can now see viewport while in menu, currently movement is still disabled but next build i'll make sure you can still run around while in the menu.
  • UI Key Mapping Changed: You now have to navigate UI using Dpad or Up,Down,Left,Right keyboard arrows, this way in the future build you can still move around with analog and WASD while in menu.


  • Updated Doors - actually had a better version of it during our testing on Godot Engine, brought the model back in. Door now prevents player from walking through on the sides. Updated textures and Panels on the Door Change from Red to Green to signifiy open or closed. (may use 3 colors later to differentiate between just locked or closed)




I just spent some time looking at the menu. Probably more later. Much improved!

  • Dissociating the movement and menu controls is great. Going to be honest though, I forgot that PSO (gamecube) controls the menu with the c-stick, not the d-pad. Currently you're using the right joystick for camera. Could that hot-swap to menu controls in the menu? Sorry - the first time I brought up menu controls I said d-pad. D-pad is still good, but maybe not great while trying to run around.
  • The "highlight" used to indicate which item is currently selected is not obvious, especially with how equipped items are gold-highlighted. The gold highlighting also disappears when you are on an item. You need some way to better indicate which item is currently selected, without hiding the "equipped" information.
  • -> inventory -> select item
    • The cursor is locked to the equip/drop/cancel screen which is good
    • The visual highlighting is not automatically moved to the new equip/drop/cancel screen, even though pressing "A" on a controller does select the "equip" option. This is a problem on almost every menu (no initial highlighting of initial option), but is especially noticable here where the highlighting is still present on the previous inventory listing screen
    • When in the equip/drop/cancel screen, the actual selected item is no longer highlighted in any way. I should reasonably know which item is selected already, but extra visual indicators are good.
    • Pressing the "B" button from this screen sends me completely out of the inventory screen instead of only exiting the equip/drop/cancel screen. When reentering the inventory screen, the equip/drop/cancel screen is still open.
    • Equip/drop/cancel is not vertically centered in the popup screen. Cancel is hanging off the bottom edge.
  • The "Equip" screen is pretty broken once you start equipping things in the items list. Equipping something from the items list won't necessarily equip it in the "Equip" screen. In a similar fashion, replacing one item with another might not refresh the Equip screen. Right now my equip screen shows an Armor that I can't remove (null reference exception) instead of the frame that is currently equipped. It is also not showing any weapons at all even though I have a gun in hand. Interestingly, I also saw multiple handguns highlighted as if I had them equipped in my inventory list.
  • Customize is now really weird to use with a mouse. Are there more hidden options? I've got the 4 magics and attack.
  • Using mouse/keyboard, it feels like there should be a back button somewhere to click instead of hitting escape. I'm not sure if you'd rather focus completely on controller in which case this really isn't a problem.

Customize menu isn't done,  there's still a couple small issues,  and i need to check the key board and mouse stuff.

Yea I think back button on keyboard and mouse should be escape.  I plan to put icons in the ui showing what button is for enter and back.

And some other areas like equipping are far from complete. During this week I'm going to tackle more of these issues as well as enable movement while in the UI.

I dunno if I want to use R analog for menu navigation only because you can move the camera while in the menu with that when I enable movement.  That was something that irritated me in pso is I had a hard time avoiding enemies while in ui cause the camera view was locked.