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Release 0.0.164 (12-8-2019)


  • FIXED - Button to Center camera to player. (L trigger for controller, middle mouse for PC) - i want to make it smoother for reset, right now it just pops into place.
  • FIXED - Make Quit Game Section work. (works, will improve it later on.)
  • HALF FIXED - Targeting system highlights enemies too far away, targeting system should change color based on best attack.
    Targeting still isn't perfect yet,  it now targets enemies closest to you that you are facing and changes color based on best attack. I still need to add in an elemental weakness check on it picking the best ability, so right now its purely based on range.
  • FIXED - Make character reappear at receptionist if cancel join or create room menu.
  • FIXED - Remove percentages on scroll bars
  • FIXED - Prevent player from jumping over railing and falling into oblivion.
  • FIXED - Leveling does not restore HP/TP, does not show what stats increased.
  • FIXED - Show EXP caps
  • FIXED - Enemies not Patrolling (were stuck in place until character got close).
  • HALF FIXED - Raised loot up a bit but i need to perform a ground check because sometimes it hovers too high. also made loot types more unique looking.
  • DISABLED - Turned off Anisotropic Textures for now, that was the biggest cause of low FPS in Forest area.
  • CHANGED - Reduced jumping power but also slightly reduced gravity. Can no longer jump over doors.