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POLL: What should I prioritize for next release?

POLL: What should I prioritize for next release?
UI system
Combat, combo system
Character Creation updates (more classes, races)
RADS system (aka Mags)
More Weapons and Animations
More shops, Banker, Tekker, Weapon & Armor shops.

Besides the listed bugs i am working on fixing which other area do you feel is more important i should focus on for next release?

UI and combat both. Everything else is generally going to be more balance focused, and might not have as much meaning before controls are tightened up. Balance means nothing if the game isn’t enjoyable to interact with in the first place.

There's a lot to do with he UI and you don't need to wait on your art team for it so they're free to develop assets that you can use later like new RADS evolutions, character models, and new enemy designs. I would focus specifically on the area maps first as that helps with reporting and recreating instances of bugs. Then the options menu so players can change their configurations (Which should help get other controllers up and running and squash bugs related to key-mapping). Another thing I'd be interested in seeing is RADS feeding though that should be lower on the priority list.