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Playing Reverie Star on Xbox

If anyone is interested in testing on Xbox i do have an Xbox build via UWP. Currently i am in communication with the Xbox Independant Publisher program and they have reserved me a spot for this game, however i have to get a lot further into development before i will qualify to actually get the official Xbox SDK.

However in the meantime i can and have tested the game on the Xbox running it as a UWP app, sadly though as UWP it can only utilize about 50% of the hardware capabilities so the game sometimes runs a little choppy in the forest ruins (which i am working on fixing)

If you really really want to try out the Xbox version you will need to sign up for a Universal Windows developer account, its an easy process but it does cost $19, here's how to sign up and get started

And then once you are a developer you can activate developer mode on your xbox

Once in dev mode you can side load xbox UWP apps into your xbox from a web browser.


I'll post more information soon on how to get the xbox UWP app and tutorial on how to install it.