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Current Bugs v0.0.162 12-8-2019


Here's the list of Bugs i want to tackle for next release

After reading through the feedback these 2 particular areas seem to be the most important and easiest to fix:

  • Button to Center camera to player.
  • Make Quit Game Section work.

Medium Priority, not sure how much of this i'll get done before next release but the more i tackle the better.

  • Targeting system highlights enemies too far away, targeting system should change color based on best attack.
  • Make character reappear at receptionist if cancel join or create room menu.
  • remove percentages on scroll bars
  • Prevent player from jumping over railing and falling into oblivion.
  • Rework the customize menu (icons too big, list not showing all available abilities, L / R needs hint that those have slots for 12 total.)
  • Leveling does not restore HP/TP, does not show what stats increased.
  • Magics do not consume TP.
  • Sometimes you pick up wrong loot (Not the displayed loot)
  • Loot is too low to ground.
  • "Boss" teleport has no floor. - (Yea the boss room isn't finished yet, Brother is still modelling the Boss)
  • Show EXP caps
  • Fix Box damage (yea this has been an issue for a while and i'm not sure why it behaves like that, i'll look into this more)
  • Character jumps over doors (i think character jumps too high in general)
  • Make elemental affinities and weaknesses more apparent. (Yes they are in the game just not shown yet)

Low Priority

  • Character creation, i know its bad but i plan to overhaul the entire thing anyways once i add more classes to the game, i can do some of the UI fixes for now but i'll probably wait to do anything major until im ready to completely overhaul it.
  • Scrolling issues on item list, i know this one is kind of annoying to have to use the R analog to scroll. i may have to program something in here to keep the selected item centered on the list. There's supposedly a built in way to do it but when i tried to use theirs it goes off screen. UI definitely is something i need to polish off in each build.



So the FPS issue in the forest is something i noticed has everything to do with an anisotropic texture setting on the terrain, if i turn it off FPS does not become sluggish but terrain looks a little crappier. I may just turn it off on all levels except for ultra.

Eventually i'll add an options screen where people can tune the graphics themselves, some cards perform differently and while anisotropic might not work for us it may work for others. That and i believe i read on UNity there's some FPS issues regarding AMD users (like me Ryzen5, AMD Radeon) and certain graphics settings that work completely fine on Nvidia builds even with lower tier hardware.

Status update

I've fixed the following:

  • FIXED - Button to Center camera to player. (L trigger for controller, middle mouse for PC) - i want to make it smoother for reset, right now it just pops into place.
  • FIXED - Make Quit Game Section work. (works, will improve it later on.)
  • HALF FIXED - Targeting system highlights enemies too far away, targeting system should change color based on best attack.
    Targeting still isn't perfect yet,  it now targets enemies closest to you that you are facing and changes color based on best attack. I still need to add in an elemental weakness check on it picking the best ability, so right now its purely based on range.


  • FIXED - Make character reappear at receptionist if cancel join or create room menu.
  • FIXED - Remove percentages on scroll bars
  • FIXED - Prevent player from jumping over railing and falling into oblivion.


  • FIXED - Leveling does not restore HP/TP, does not show what stats increased.
  • FIXED - Show EXP caps
  • FIXED - Enemies not Patrolling (were stuck in place until character got close).
  • HALF FIXED - Raised loot up a bit but i need to perform a ground check because sometimes it hovers too high. also made loot types more unique looking.
  • DISABLED - Turned off Anisotropic Textures for now, that was the biggest cause of low FPS in Forest area.
  • CHANGED - Reduced jumping power but also slightly reduced gravity. Can no longer jump over doors.

I'm going to Go ahead and push these builds to Steam as my end of the weekend build.

During this next week i'm going to focus on getting the UI more polished.


  • Quit option, when selected, doesn't allow a controller to choose "yes really quit" or whatever the option was called.
  • Quitting closes the game to the desktop, instead of returning to character select, or offline/online select, or even block selection. I guess you did mention you would improve it more later.
  • When selling items, you can sell any quantity. Any. Quantity.
    • I'm rich!


  • Attempted to jump out window. Am currently stuck falling forever on the windowsill. I think this is because you cannot change your lateral movement while in the air, and I apparently managed to achieve zero lateral velocity while over something that makes you fall?
  • After pressing select on controller (to open chat), chat cannot be closed out without using the keyboard to press enter (and send even just a blank message). Select again should close chat.
  • You hid some boxes behind a waterfall, on a ledge I can't reach?
    • You can't hide from me.
  • Enemies (sometimes) can't pass through doors but your attacks still can.
    • gg ez no re
  • Items frequently spawn on their side.
    • He's having a nap!
  • The edges of doors sometimes have no hitboxes (this was from the first door encountered in forest 1 - I just walked right through).
    • A girl has no collisions.
  • Weapon attack chains can be immediately interrupted by spell casting. Even if this is a bug, it feels really cool to do (kind of like when I suggested making magic part of combat combos...). It's nice to be able to quickly snap out of a long 3rd attack combo string.

Regarding gameplay in general, I find myself wanting a sprint button, and I feel like the movement acceleration feels a bit janky. I don't know how else to describe the act of moving around in the game. Thoughts?



Yes i did hide them up there. though it was possible to get up there by jumping on the rocks but i dunno i haven't tried for a while.

Weapon attack chains can be immediately interrupted by spell casting.

Yea actually that was intentional because my original goal was to have a combo system with not only weapons but spells and you can chain between attacks and weapons. We will get there eventually. I actually have spell casting combo chains in the game i just don;t have it active at the moment.


Yes shop definitely needs love. I hadn't really done much with it to polish it off it for the most part currently is just a bucket i can grab items im testing rather than having to use a command line code to spawn it in.


Yea thats some bugs with the general character controller i'm using, there's also a spot by the bank i found where that happens if you try to jump off the ledge near the corner of the bank. I just gotta make sure there's not ledges that are smaller than the character collider you can get on top of and that should fix it.


Actually i am going to put sprinting in, occasionally i'll press shift to run but it makes your character walk instead haha. I'm definitely adding in sprinting, not gonna be a whole heck of alot faster but it feels like i need something a little faster than a jog.


As far as the other stuff goes i noticed a lot of that, but yea thanks for help listing them out and bringing some stuff to my attention, i usually do a new steam build right before the weekend and then another at the end of the weekend so i'm gonna try to get what i can in this week by friday.

Other Stuff

I also wanna start doing some phone builds, my end goal is to make this cross play between PC, Phone and Console. I have done some Xbox testing in the past, might do another round soon. The nice thing about Microsoft is they let you get a dev account for free and you can even switch your xbox to developer mode without any special hoops to jump through. Then you can just side load the game on your xbox and play it via UWP.



Going to omit bugs covered by other players.



Mountain Climbing - With a running jump, players can keep a bit of forward momentum even when they should be stopped. While constantly jumping, this allows the player to climb steep inclines. Recommendation: Do not fix. While it has the obvious detriment of allowing players to bypass locked doors it has a hidden benefit of allowing players to spend hours climbing the mountains in forests 1 and 2. I even managed to find some chests hidden behind the waterfall containing a mag and two moon atomizers.


Stagger/Knock-back - Any mob hit with a weapon or spell is either staggered or knocked back. This includes the player. It can either be great or frustrating depending on your situation. This may not be a bug as it feels like a necessary mechanic for dealing with large packs of mobs though a surrounded player with enough mobs attacking can get stun locked until they die. Recommendation: Keep it in as it adds depth to the game play but maybe adjust the stagger/knock-back rates for different entities on a case by case basis.


Can't move while digging for items - This was a feature in the original PSO that allowed the player to quickly swap and use items while on the run and added more depth to the game with quick switching from your golf bag of weapons for different occasions. Recommendation: Untie the menu navigation from the left analogue stick as well as 'wasd' and make that covered by either the game-pad or right analogue stick as well as the arrow keys.


Item menus are finicky with the mouse - a lot of the time when I click on an item I want to buy, sell, or use the menu jumps to completely unrelated items. I think it might be caused by an interaction between the way holding the button down allows you navigate the selection screen and hovering the mouse on an item above or below the middle item in the selection screen moves the selection screen to other items. Recommendation: I'm not sure how to proceed with this one. I'm not even sure if my hunch at what's causing this is correct.


Shops - This one might be more obvious and lower priority, but every shop is the same at the moment making them redundant. Recommendation: Changing what items are sold by who and renaming shop NPC's to something akin to Armor Merchant, Weapon Merchant, and Item Merchant or something else that makes sense.


Forest 1:

The Ogre - It's that thing that's made to be kind of like a Hildetor. It feels really over-tuned for mele as it dodges most strikes. It's easily dealt with by spamming spells because of the way knock-back interrupts its strikes. Recommendation: Lower Defense and evasion and make it either immune to knock-back or increase the damage needed to stagger it.


Forest 2:

In the mountains! - I've noticed some mobs that have clipped themselves either into the mountains or just under ground (Maybe that's where they're stored before they're supposed to be spawned?). Some of them can be killed by casting spells through the walls. Recommendation: Change mob storage area to a room or multiple rooms outside of the accessible map or do another pass at mob spawning in the Forest 2 area. Also not sure how to reproduce this one since I only noticed it in my second pass through the forest 2.


So far, that's everything to do with potential bugs that I've seen that there hasn't been any other comment on. My X-box controller doesn't seem to work on the game but it's a cheap Chinese knock-off and functions differently in every other steam game so that's probably to be expected. I love the textures you put in here. The grass can be used to conceal enemies for an ambush if you make it thick enough and put in small mobs like the wolves.


Sorry, no screen shots because I'm not sure where they got stored. Let me know if you want me to make like a you tube video to show you what I'm talking about or if you want just post a time you can be in game and I'll show you myself

That's ok,  a lot of what you listed are known bugs and some stuff I can look into which is helpful.

I noticed a few people have to actually go into steam settings and enable xbox controller support for it to work.  Not sure why my game requires this, but it does.