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Combat and Controls

Coming from PSO, I was looking for consistency and intuitiveness in the combat control. I'm not sure it is quite there yet. I'll start with the immediate issues with where you are, then move into things I think might be just cool.

Current Problems

  • Targeting system highlights enemies even if you are not in range to hit them with any of your currently set attacks. PSO did this nicely using colors to indicate which attack can hit (probably prioritizing the shortest range attack that is in range I think). Something like this is going to be important to prevent people from getting frustrated with whiffing attacks.
  • Some type of hot-swap system for weapons. Again, PSO had a good setup for this with the R-Y combo on gamecube. You don't have to use exactly that system, maybe even just allow for equipping 2 (or even 3) weapons and letting one button cycle them. Maybe even allow for setting up 4 equipment loadouts that can be hot-swapped using the D-pad during combat without opening a menu. That might be excessive, but you get the idea. The menu is too clunky for quickly swapping, which is a big part of gameplay.
  • There is no button to center the camera behind the character. Or did I miss something? Having dynamic camera controls is great, but I lived off of "L" to center my camera. I still modify bindings in games I play now to let me use left trigger to center the camera.
  • Combo fluidity is the last big current problem. The combos are cool but I'm a bit lost on inputs. Once more looking back to PSO, we had the 3 attack combo that could only be done by timing the 3 inputs - no mashing! In the current style, it seems to let you buffer one extra combo piece while you are in each attack. So if I press once for 1, I can press once during 1 for 2, then once during 2 for 3, etc. The buffering really doesn't feel great, especially since the 3rd and 4th combo attacks are super long and drawn out. I'm not sure what (tame) solution I would suggest except maybe not allowing further combo input until the previous attack is 90% finished or something. Coming from PSO I think there definitely needs to be a stronger indicator that a combo has ended though. I struggled to identify when I was rolling into the next combo.

Cool(?) Suggestions

This is mainly going to be about the combo-ing style used, and what I think might be neat to work into it. Let me know what you think.

In PSO, a lot of the variation in combat came from changing up the 1-2-3 attack combo with weak, heavy, and special hits. Unless I'm missing something, I don't think you have that. That's fine. Let's brainstorm something better.

Forget weak/heavy. Forget the base-Gi-Ra style attack techs. Allow magic techs in combo chains, and implement a hold-to-charge style of weak/heavy attacks.

There's a lot to consider there, and it might not fit what you want from the game, but consider.

  • If every weapon can chain a 4 attack combo (or is it 5? I don't know yet), then allow a magic tech to be interchanged for any one of those combo sets. This would require 4-5 custom animations for each tech for each piece of the combo (say we use fireball as our 2nd or 3rd combo attack, it has different animations). Different combo pieces can have different effects like the old base-gi-ra styles. This makes combat combos truly fluid and dynamic, and could make for a really fun interaction trying to fit together attacks in the most optimal way.
  • Hold-to-charge is an additional factor that might make combat more interesting. A light tap would deliver a quick and accurate, but weak attack. Holding would slow down the attack animation of the character while you hold, but deliver a more powerful blow when you release. You could fiddle with accuracy modifiers, damage percentages, and stagger chances to make the tradeoffs more interesting. This could also apply to magic techs, allowing for supercharged attacks that hit harder but consume more tp.

Implementing both of these together would make combat much more dynamic and interesting. But I don't know if it would hurt the spirit of the project.

Interesting ideas,  thanks for the feedback.  Yes these are all areas I want to tackle and I completely agree about the current problems.