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Character Creation

Since these aren't bugs per-say, I'll list them here.

  • In character creation, I am finding that I can't rotate the character to see their back side. This makes choosing a hair style pretty rough. Is this something I'm just missing? If not it would be a good addition.
  • The "Eyes" selector is a horrifying list. I'm not even sure where to start when I look at it. Given how you've laid it out, could you instead use multiple selectors: style and color? This way we could select the 2 separately instead of trying to review the full screen list.

Gotcha,  yea I'm a little ashamed of my character creation screen.  It's mostly a place holder. I want to make it more similar to the original PSO character creator I just haven't gotten to it.

To be honest I just finished migrating from unity UI to NGUI which is a much much better UI system.  That being said I hadn't really gotten to far into actually polishing up the UX side of things.

I'm definitely going to try top make some changes here on the next release.




Gotcha. I'll make a post on menu-ing for my thoughts on that to give you an extra perspective.

I was holding off on revamping the character creation until i had some more playable classes to choose from. On top of being a game dev i'm also an aspiring manga artist and my brother also does art so we wanted to draw up some class templates to make the intial character creation screen similar to PSO.

Here's an idea that should improve on even the PSO design. Make typing and color different choices as well as a color 1 and color 2 pallet for the armor/body look. Should give max amount of choices for minimal development effort.

I've thought about that,  I did that before in an earlier prototype,  it does require me to generate a new texture to do that,  which causes some hiccups when players connect.


I think get around that using a compute shader to handle it.  But it's going to have to wait until I revamp the character creation.  I'm also working on a body proportion system as well.