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Bugs v0.0.160 12-5-2019


Current Bugs - 12/5/2019

  • TELEPORT - Wrong Music Plays when entering City
  • TELEPORT BACK TO TERMINAL - Player falls into space.
  • ENEMIES - Not following path nodes anymore.
  • ENEMIES - Cocoon spawns under terrain
  • SHOP - Owned Count not showing.
  • UI - Focused objects do not leave focus after teleporting.
  • GAMEPLAY - Hits don't clear after attack is finished.

More to list

2 character creation problems.

I am using a Nintendo switch pro controller (Steam has this handled to behave like an xbox controller) and the controller does not work in character creation. It does work properly in other screens I have visited. I do have a xbox 360 controller I can swap to if you want me to try that instead.

Also, in the class description the "Warrior" title is not bolding correctly, as shown below.

Bold encoding failure

Another point on character creation, the option lists start displaying "Choose option" instead of showing the default option. I already selected the first few, which is why costume and hair show an actual value (class is working properly).

list fail

Maybe I should've finished my list before I started posting! I think these are the last few. I'm playing on Ultra, 1920x1080. I've got a couple issues with the sliders, again in character creation.

  • The red slider is showing up as black. You can see this in the screenshot of my last post.
  • When I try to grab a slider and move it, the slider behaves as if I am selecting a value ~50% higher than where my cursor is. As in, I grab the slider at 50% and the selection hex shoots to 100%. I drag the slider down to 0 and the hex moves to 50%. I move my cursor all the way to the edge of the screen and the hex gets down to around 20%.

I concur with Redria7 on his analysis.


Also I am when searching for a public room if you back out it returns you to spawn.


The first shop you go to also stays - going to any other shop mimics the first one.

Going into options and exiting game does not work.

+1 on "quit game" does nothing. I actually have a bunch of comments about the menu system in general. I might make another post n general discussion about it? Not sure.

  • Online mode block selection. The scroll bar has a percentage number next to it. This is strangely distracting. It actually seems to show up on several scrolls bars.
  • Jumping over the railing results in you falling forever. There needs to be a warp zone (or a kill zone) or an invisible barrier.

Thanks for the feedback guys.  I'm aware of most of these issues.

I think all the shops use the same shop setup at the moment.


As far as the game teleporting you back when you try try to join or create a room I'll need to make a spawn point closer to the receptionist.  What happens is with photon you have to exit a room and go into its lobby which is a non playable lobby in order to see or create rooms.  If you cancel I return you to the block you're in but... right now it teleports you back to the spawn point.


But I'm definitely going to get these fixes in on the next build.  Again thanks for testing it the game.

  • Menu
    • When "Items" is selected, the cursor moves to the first item in the list. The list does not scroll to follow the cursor, so the cursor may be off screen initially.
    • Items may be right clicked for more info using a mouse, but there is no corresponding button on controller.
    • Vitalites aren't stacking.
  • Shop
    • When selecting to buy a restore card, it asks me how many. There is no way to change the quantity on controller.
    • When buying an item, if a quantity of 0 is selected, you may buy the item with a quantity multiplier of zero (instead of just not buying any).
  • Customize
    • Only unlocked abilities are displayed (instead of all available abilities) even though the screen places icons where they would be if you unlocked all abilities.
    • Cannot interact with the customization screen on controller.
    • When assigning to R/L (second menu) the icon does not update until you release and repress the icon.
    • When clicking R/L (on the screen) it behaves as if you are assigning the skill to R/L instead of swapping to the second menu.
  • Field
    • Leveling does not restore HP/TP (or even give you the amount your max HP/TP increased by).
    • Magics do not consume TP.
    • Sometimes the item displayed when picking up loot close to other loot is for the wrong item (standing next to loots A and B. It displays A, but I pick up B).
    • "Boss" teleport has no floor. This may be the same as the teleport problem.
    • At level 2, I am not seeing an EXP cap for the next level. I'm not sure if it is there for level 1, but currently I just see "Exp: 179", instead of "Exp: 179/200" or something similar.
    • When destroying boxes with the handgun, the first shot doesn't seem to destroy a box, then the next shot will destroy several. Seems funky.
    • Items are too low to the ground in general and their height is not responsive enough to the terrain. In forest 2, I found the boxes starting to clip into the floor, which gets worse in areas with foliage.
    • I jumped on a wall then over a door. It wasn't a locked door. I just thought you should know.
    • Sometimes the camera seems sluggish. I don't really have much to add to that comment. I think I just want my L-camera-center button.
    • L and R provide different skill menus. This is probably deliberate (12 set skills instead of 8) but I didn't expect it. You may need to indicate this somehow at some point. Maybe in customization it will display a stack of three diamonds with 4 skills each, and L/R bring a different one to the front.
    • Wolves(?) take basically no damage from guns - either dodging or taking 1 damage per shot. This might be deliberate, or a nod to episode 4 of PSO.
    • I didn't notice any elemental affinities or weaknesses when using magic. This might be a thing for later.
    • I saw a little turtley enemy! He was cute, but he ran away from me so I killed him.
  • Ship
    • I can place a telepipe on the ship. I didn't use it to see where it would take me.

All of these were in offline mode, medium graphics. I found Ultra to drag down my computer a bit, and combat got very choppy quickly. Are you limiting frames? I tried playing Slime Rancher even on minimum settings and the game doesn't limit frames, so my computer became a toaster. This might not be a problem for you at all.

I'm probably going to stop testing for a bit while you digest stuff. I don't want to overwhelm you. Let us know if you want us to check out anything specific or just to wait for the next version. It was fun but pretty easy to smash my way through forest 1 and 2 given limitless magic.

Yea,  thanks for this definitive list you provided. Even though I'm developing it I sometimes only play for a bit when I find something I wanna change.  It's nice to have a fresh pair of eyes play through it in its current state and list out everything. super helpful!


The turtley enemy was a Kappa, i was considering using him for replacement to the iconic Rappy, but i'm open to suggestions.