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Bugs & FAQ

Welcome to the bugs & FAQ discussion, please follow the guidelines to the best of your ability when submitting a report. The guidelines will help the developers answer/solve your problem in a timely fashion. Please feel free to visit us at our main website[]or contact us via email if you need further help.

Bugs ~ Submission Guidelines

Please use as many of these as possible when submitting a report. This will give our developers the best chance at replicating and fixing the bug.

~ID/name: The name/location/ID in which you encountered the problem. Keep it brief and use correct terms if you can.

~Description/summary: If you feel the name is not enough to lead the developers to the bug, please explain the bug with as much detail as you can. Keep in mind that your description should allow the developers to identify the bugs location, and or the circumstances in which it appeared.

~Environment: Depending on your operating system, graphic quality, and resolution the game may behave differently from one environment to another. Make sure your developers know your technical environment if you feel as though it would help.

~Source: If you can identify the source in which the bug was produced from it will help narrow down possible fixes. A source may not always definable, so if you cannot define a source do not include this.

~Visual proof: Although it might not be enough, a visual element like a screenshot or a video will help your developers understand the problem better and faster.

~Steps to reproduce: A screenshot is a proof that you had a problem, but keep in mind that your developer might not be able to reproduce the bug. Make sure to describe, with as much detail as possible, the steps you took before you encountered the bug.

~Expected vs. actual results: Explain what results you expected - be as specific as possible. Just saying "the skill doesn’t work as expected" is not useful. It's also helpful to describe what you experienced.

~Optional: You can also include extra information such as the severity (critical, major, minor, trivial, enhancement), priority (high, medium, low). This will help us determine how pressing the bug is.


We will try to post frequently asked questions here if we feel as though we can provide a sufficient answer.

Question: How do I contact you directly?
Answer: Easy! Email us at