Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, my goal is to make Reverie star controller centric, i plan to release to console in the future so Xbox controller support is high priority.

At this point no, that is a feature I want to add in as i originally played a fat short Newman in the original PSO.

No, I do plan to sell it, but not for any high typical game price, probably going to keep the cost on the low end, under $10 as i do want to make a mobile version that works on the phones.

Between Mobile and PC yes. On console we will see once i get tot he point i can release it on the Xbox.

Yes and no. There are aspects of PSO that made it amazing, those things i want to try to stick to. The rewarded feeling of finding a rare drop that says ????? and taking it to a tekker, I like the stat system, exp tables, mag system etc etc. 

I do want to try to remove some of the issues that people had with PSO for my game, In the end i want to work with the community to make a game we all can enjoy.

Yes, actually Online multiplayer is already fully functional, I started the project with multiplayer and have been making sure everything works the same online as it does offline.

Yes, I’m going to do it scenario based when you start a room. For now i am focusing on the main scenario which is going to be very similar to PSO Episode 1

Yes i was considering it only for cosmetics, and mostly gimmick stuff. No pay to win kinda thing.. i hate that crap.