Reverie Star is an Indie fan project to make a similar game to Phantasy Star Online. We really enjoyed the classic EP1 & 2 and wanted to make a similar game but add some extra stuff we would like to see. This game has a very small development team, which may change if we can deliver something that doesn’t suck. That being said, we’re trying to keep the price fair and we want to work with you the steam community to make this game really enjoyable for us all.

The game is a gasp unity game, we are currently using Photon to run the load balancing server. We have plans to allow anyone running a photon server to use it for the game. It’s not meant to be an MMORPG, more so just a fun Online RPG friends can play together with. There is an Offline mode option, since the character data is stored locally on your PC, we figured why not?

The game is early access so there will be bugs, there will be features not fully implemented and other missing components.

Thanks for your support!

Zorlock Studios