December 21, 2019

Devlog 12-21-2019 – Combos

Hey All,

Now that i’ve gotten some of the UI bugs out of the way i wanted to start focusing more on combat. So the changes i’ve been working on is to break up the combo animations, currently most of the combos were one press and then the character would do a combo after a few concecutive attacks.

This is no longer the case, instead now with each consuctive attack you progress into the next single attack of the combo, when altogether it looks like a full combo but without pressing an attack the combo will end. This is more in-line with classic PSO style and eventually i want to have a dead zone where you must press the button at the right time to continue the combo so it doesn’t reward button mashing.

Here’s a preview video of the new combo system, each potion of this combo is a seperate attack. I do plan to utilize the other full combo animations but I am reserving them for weapon special attacks.

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