December 8, 2019

Devlog 12-8-2019 Targeting

Couple fixes i’ve added to the game already. The Quit Game menu works now, also you can press L trigger to Center the Camera on the direction the player is facing.

The next part is to work on the Targeting Reticule. This bit of code i had in there was just something i wrote up fairly quickly to just simply highlight something you can attack thats nearby. Now it’s time to really start to polish off the code, there’s still some glaring issues e.g. disappears when target is too close. Some dead zones and highlighting stuff it shouldn’t

However the target will now change colors based on the Button mappings you have active at the time, it should work if you are holding the Bumpers on a different page of actions. Here’s a video of me Testing it out. Like i said this whole thing needs a lot of work still to be more reliable.

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