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December 2019

Monthly Archives: December 2019

Devlog 12-23-2019

Hey guys, i have a new Rifle model in the game, its still not 100% set up as i did want to look at the ranged weapon bugs listed ont he forums. However i will be pushing a build to Steam on Christmas eve for those of you who have […]

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Devlog 12-21-2019 – Combos

Hey All, Now that i’ve gotten some of the UI bugs out of the way i wanted to start focusing more on combat. So the changes i’ve been working on is to break up the combo animations, currently most of the combos were one press and then the character would […]

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Devlog – 12-10-2019 – UI improvements

Now that the UI has been fully ported over to NGUI i can go back and start working on some quality of life changes. Menu is now navigated using the Dpad on the controller and the arrow keys on the keyboard. This is to allow movement of the character with […]

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Devlog 12-8-2019 Targeting

Couple fixes i’ve added to the game already. The Quit Game menu works now, also you can press L trigger to Center the Camera on the direction the player is facing. The next part is to work on the Targeting Reticule. This bit of code i had in there was […]

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Devlog 12-5-2019 – New Lobby

Hey all, I decided to spruce up the Lobby area as well. Wanted to give people more room to run around and chat and whatnot. And i was trying to capture some of the look and feel from the old PSO. Here’s a preview video of the new lobby.

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Devlog 12-3-2019 City area

Hey guys, i wasn’t super thrilled about the model i started for the city. That and i wanted to find a different asset pipeline for making architecture that was easier for me. Suffice to say i found one, i spent the last few days remodeling the entire city area from […]

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