November 26, 2019

Swapping UI System

Dev update

The main thing thats borked at the moment is the UI, at various resolutions Unity UI is hard to manage some stuff, e.g. Making sure stuff doesn’t overlap or go off screen. If the UI element isn’t clickable thats a big problem.

Right now i’m switching out Unity UI with NGUI

Works and looks really nice, i think the coolest part about it is that it takes all your indvidual UI elements and makes a nice Texture atlas reducing draw calls to the GPU. It has it’s own set of alignment weirdness when changing resolutions but at the very least NGUI is good about keep relative positions to other things at different screen ratios making sure that stuff is still clickable.

Currently i’ve swapped out the following with NGUI,

  • Title Screen
  • Character Selection
  • Character Creation
  • Offline / Online Screen
  • Lobby Block Selection Window
  • Character Nameplate.

I still have a ways to go to swap out the main GUI, but the end will be a much cleaner UI.

Downside is at the moment i have not set up xbox controller compatibility with the new UI so that will have to wait until i get the UI swapped out.

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