Monthly Archives: November 2019

Devlog 11-29-2019

Hey all, Just finish converting shops, item system, equipping and skill assignment over to the new UI system. Phew.. There are a few little qwerks here and there but overall it works better than the original UI. Now i’m more or less caught up to where i left off on […]

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Dev Update 11-28-2019

Got a little further with the new UI, Items are mostly done and some character stats page. Most of the UI has been replaced up to specific things in the character menu. I just finished getting the targeting reticule and damage text done. Also showing off new costume choices.

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Swapping UI System

Dev update The main thing thats borked at the moment is the UI, at various resolutions Unity UI is hard to manage some stuff, e.g. Making sure stuff doesn’t overlap or go off screen. If the UI element isn’t clickable thats a big problem. Right now i’m switching out Unity […]

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