August 25, 2019

Dev Update – 8/25/2019

Got few more of the bugs fixed, still a few left to deal with. For the most part i’m just focusing on the game breaking problems and getting the smaller issues resolved afterwards.

Here is the list of progress i’ve made so far. Once this list of bugs has been fixed i will push a new update to Steam.

Bug List – 8/25/2019

  • (FIXED) – Multiple people can activate a spawn at the same time too many monsters
  • (FIXED) – items not updating info properly, multiples of items dropping
  • (FIXED) – Teleport to med station not switching sky
  • (HALF FIXED) – Monsters no longer attack dead players, character still may get hit after teleporting.
  • (FIXED) – equipment sometimes not equipped after reload
  • (FIXED) spawns, switches and doors do not sync for new players entering a room.
  • (FIXED) – Players can still target dead enemies.
  • (FIXED) – Activation popups show up on all players.
  • (FIXED) – Other player death animation doesn/t show.
  • (FIXED) Must Photon destroy enemy on owner.
  • (HALF FIXED) – Teleplots working on multiplayer(works fine if player is in room when spawned) – new players entering should sync. needs more testing.
  • Guns and spells cant break boxes.
  • Monsters miss too often after armor equipped.
  • Assign skills not working sometimes
  • wrong equipped skill appearing
  • After Navigating out of items, cannot return with control unless you exit items and re enter
  • Doors play sound twice
  • character plays another death animation when arriving at med station.
  • Equip Armor from Items menu doesn’t equip always.

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