August 23, 2019

Internal Testing

Today we did some internal testing and decided to share the video recording of our session. Mostly just to kind of highlight where we are in development.

Here’s a list of the Bugs we found which i will be smashing through this week.

Bug List – 8/22/2019

  • Teleplots not working on multiplayer in city
  • Multiple people can activate a spawn at the same time oof too many monsters
  • items not updating info properly, multiples of items dropping
  • Assign skills not working sometimes
  • wrong equipped skill appearing
  • Teleport to med station not switching sky
  • character still gets hit after teleporting
  • character plays another death animation when arriving at med station
  • equipment sometimes not equipped after reload
  • guns and spells cant break boxes.
  • spawns, switches and doors do not sync for new players entering a room.
  • Monsters miss too often after armor equipped.

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