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August 2019

Monthly Archives: August 2019

Dev Update – 8/25/2019

Got few more of the bugs fixed, still a few left to deal with. For the most part i’m just focusing on the game breaking problems and getting the smaller issues resolved afterwards. Here is the list of progress i’ve made so far. Once this list of bugs has been […]

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Internal Testing

Today we did some internal testing and decided to share the video recording of our session. Mostly just to kind of highlight where we are in development. Here’s a list of the Bugs we found which i will be smashing through this week. Bug List – 8/22/2019 Teleplots not working […]

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Dev Log 8/18/2019

Hey guys, got some more work done on the game today. Here’s a breakdown of the changes. BugFixes Fixed issue where restorative skills and items did not show floating text. Fixed issue where Ui focus is lost after using a consumable item. Fixed issue where trying to exit shop with […]

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Dev Log – 8/17/2019 – 6pm

Here’s a few of the Items tackled today: Bugfixes 8/17/19 Fixed issue where chat popups go off screen. Fixed issue where players spawned into city in wrong location. Fixed issue where Sell UI would scale too large as items were sold. Additions: 8/17/2019 Added Party Name plates

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Squashing Bugs

Steam Update 8/17/2019 Rev 132 Haven’t created a version system yet outside of the revision control we are using, so for the time being we will reference the game as Rev numbers until the initial Alpha is available for a larger audience. Bugfixes Fixed issuewhere existing online players would appear […]

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